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Our web portal is the first, the only and most complete global point of reference dedicated to Kitesurfing.

KITESURF OPERATOR has been translated into 6 languages, it’s the largest internet kitesurfing showcase easy to surf, featuring hundreds of products dedicated to outdoor activities and kitesurfing.

We advertise kitesurf schools, technical equipment for water sports (kitesurfing, but not only), travels, hotels, apartments, houses for rent and sale (in the best places on earth where you can practice kitesurfing), beach sportswear and technical clothing for riders, sports insurances and kiteboarding organizations, the most famous brands of material, accessories, kitesurfing equipment and much more!

We’ve selected categories and subcategories of useful information, the most famous beaches in the world, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels in the best kiteboarding spots, equipped centers and schools, shops and the best locations for this sport.

We operate in Kitesurf internationally since 2003, many of the structures that we are listing have been visited in person by us and our partners to verify the quality. Our market researches are the result of the development of an international project that involves a large network of operators in constant dialogue with each other.
And now our Team is glad to have YOU with us!

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